Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Registration is Open!

Due to the high interest in this program (over 35 kids/parents signed up just to receive more information), and the relatively low number of kids we can actually handle for this program (NO MORE than 16, and that's pushing it), we have to have kids register to attend. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of registration as a rule, but in this instance, it's a necessary evil.

Here is the e-mail we sent to families who registered interest:

Thank you so much for your interest in the (Blank) Library LEGO Robotics Club! You’re receiving this e-mail because someone in your family signed up for more information. Below are the details of the club, as well as information as to how to sign up!

What: The (Blank) LEGO Robotics Club is an opportunity for children ages 7-14 to learn about robotics, and begin to build a foundation of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Design, and Math) concepts that will benefit them both now and in the future. Oh, and it’s going to be fun!

Children will be building and programming robots using the LEGO WeDo and Mindstorms EV3 sets – inventing and innovating, completing challenges, and competing against themselves and others. They will be led by a team of volunteers from (Local) University, the University of (Local), (Local) Air Force Base, and others, with backgrounds in Computer Science, Math, and Mechanical and Computer Engineering. The club will be kept small, and each child will have the opportunity to get “hands-on” each week with both the LEGOs and the computers.

As the club progresses, there will be opportunities for children to explore other avenues of STEAM as their interests lead them. We already have commitments from community members and other volunteers to teach workshops and programs in computer programming, structural engineering, and structural design.

When: The (Blank) LEGO Robotics Club will meet every Monday at the ... Community Library. It will run from 4:30pm – 6:00pm. The Club will meet in October and November, break in December, and then start again in January.

The Details: The (Blank) LEGO Robotics Club will be based on a progressive-skills approach. This means that what children learn one week will be used in each consecutive week. What this means is that children need to attend as many Club meetings as possible – if they do not attend for a while, they will be very lost when they come back!

How to Sign Up: There is very limited space for this program. The only way to register is to respond back to this e-mail, or to call the library at (blank). Please include the name and age of each child you would like to register. After all of the spaces are filled, we will begin a wait-list for the program. Due to the progressive skills necessary for the program, if your child misses more than two meetings in a row, they may be removed from the club, and their spot offered to the next person on the waiting list. This is not done to punish anyone, but to ensure that the children attending the program are able to participate fully each time they attend.

Due to the overwhelming interest, this program will not be advertised outside of the (Blank) Community Library. Therefore, if you know of someone who may be interested in the program, please feel free to pass this e-mail along to them.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail or call at any time! We look forward to working with you and your children on this new, exciting adventure!


We're extremely excited to get started with the program, and our patrons are as well. Registration opened as I pressed "send on this e-mail," and within 5 minutes, we had 8 of the 16 spots filled. I think there is community interest!

I've been working on some cool Mindstorms EV3 projects to show off at our local university to hopefully drum up volunteers. I'll post some more about them soon! Thank you all for your support so far. As always, I'd love to hear your ideas, suggestions, comments, and whatever else!

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